Do I Have to Sign-In?

You can browse the entire library of clips without having an account, but you will need to sign in once you'd like to save a clip, submit your own content, or create your own service.

I'm uploading an image, what size should it be?

Its best to make your image 8x10 inches at 150 ppi (pixels per inch) - or 1200 x 1500 pixels. This means your image will be large enough to print clearly on a full page or can scaled down to a smaller size if desired. You may upload smaller images as needed.

I want to add a page to the site. How can I do this?

There are two options - 1) Use your scanner at home to scan a copy of this page. Save it as a JPG and upload it as a clip or 2) Enter just the text of this page as an editable clip. You can enter text by typing directly into the text field on the submit page, or copying and pasting text from a word processing document into the field.

My community wants to collaborate on a Service. How can we do this?

You can add collaborators to any Service. First, open that Service from the (smiley face) drop-down menu on the top right. Then select "invite friends to collaborate" at the top of the page. You may then enter the e-mail addresses of anyone that you'd like to invite, as well as a personal message. Each individual will then be directed to create a personal account, with access to the shared service where they may independently add clips.

How do you know that the texts on this site are not prohibited under copyright?

We do our best to review the content submitted daily, but we also ask our users to contribute based on an honor system. If you see a clip that you believe violates copyright restrictions, please inform us and we'll review it immediately. We require all of our users to follow our Sharing Policy.

Who runs this site? And how do I contact them?

Eileen Levinson Founder & Executive Creative Director of customandcraft.org. She leads a small team of freelancers, including a couple designers, a couple writers, and some web developers. Write her & the rest of the team at info@customandcraft.org.

Anything we missed? Write us at info@customandcraft.org