What is Custom & Craft

Custom & Craft is a design studio and media lab formed in 2015 as an expansion of the web platform Haggadot.com. The mission of the studio and web platforms is to use design thinking and user experience to imagine new formats for engaging in old traditions. The online platforms Haggadot.com and Customandcraft.org and DIY products make ritual accessible, meaningful, and diverse – giving individuals the tools to create for themselves and to discover the other creators in their community. Founded in 2011 by Custom & Craft Executive Creative Director, Eileen Levinson, Haggadot.com has been nationally recognized as one of the most innovative Jewish organization in America by Slingshot Guide and featured in The Huffington Post, Ha’aretz, The Jerusalem Post, Wall Street Journal, The Forward and National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.”

Custom & Craft is pleased to announce its new Studio Program generously supported by a Cutting Edge Grant of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles . The program is designed to help Los Angeles-based Jewish organizations and thought leaders maximize their social media and web presence among millennials and young adults. Apply Today!