June 17, 2020

Jews Commemorating Juneteenth With Kaddish & A Seder

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Though the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in 1863, people remained enslaved in Texas, unaware the Civil War had ended. It wasn't until June 19, 1865, that every enslaved person in the United States was released, creating the holiday of Juneteenth. 


To mark the occassion, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice created a Juneteenth Seder Haggadah, filled with wisdom from Jewish and African-American sources.


As more communities mark Juneteenth as a day of remembrance and reflection, Jews of all backgrounds are invited this Shabbat to recite a Kaddish for Black Lives, written by our partners at the Jewish Multiracial Network.


You may want to read it along with the traditional Kaddish or after lighting Shabbat candles. May the memories of those lost to racism and hatred be for a blessing and a revolution.