November 05, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020: Finding Gratitude When We’re Gathering Differently

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And keep reading for an article by Freedom's Feast Co-Founder Lee Hendler about expressing gratitude. 

Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks. For many of us it will not be the Thanksgiving of years past. Even as that saddens us, we yearn for greater connection with those we love and a truly meaningful celebration of the holiday’s purpose.

This is the gratitude holiday. In times of challenge especially, reflecting on the things that ground us: our essential relationships, stories, values, and purpose fills us with resolve and genuine gratitude.

Thanksgiving also strikes a deeply engrained impulse in us. Although most of us no longer grow our food, this harvest holiday, like Sukkot, represents the gratitude and joy our ancestors felt at the end of the growing season despite the real uncertainty they faced in the months ahead. Their survival response became ours when we engage in a familiar form of thanksgiving. We recite the Shehechiynau prayer during many holidays—the supreme Jewish prayer of praise and gratitude. Embedded in our recitation is the hope that we will be able to recite the same prayer when the holiday returns again. We will not be the same individuals but—God willing—we will be granted the joy of celebrating the moment again. Perhaps that is why we are so attached to the familiar Thanksgiving markers of beloved recipes, family traditions, and places we gather? Reaching them signals that we have safely completed the year. We are “home” again—not the same people we were a year ago—but gathering in the same way.

This year, however, most of us will gather differently. Our markers will be different but our desire to express our gratitude remains.  Freedom’s Feast offers original resources to help you and your family explore and express gratitude at your gathering in ways that are meaningful, memorable and fun.

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