We're Hiring a Video Producer!

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Custom and Craft is seeking a Video Producer to join our Los Angeles Studio. The ideal candidate is a highly creative, organized individual with a record of success in producing quality, short-form videos for the web and social media platforms.


- Conceptualizing and developing new video formats for our clients and partners
- Shooting and editing whenever possible, hiring additional freelancers as needed
- Coordinating edit plans, and client approvals
- Maintaining an editorial calendar, assisting partners in timely rollout of content

Required skills:

- Strong communication skills
- Expertise in social media
- Familiarity with Jewish culture and tradition
- 2+ years of experience in video production
- Ability to independently manage multiple project timelines

The position is for 20 - 25 hours per week, starting immediately, with the possibility of full-time employment in the future. Interested applicants should send a resume and work samples to – [email protected]


Call for Proposals - Custom & Craft LA Studio Program

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Custom & Craft is pleased to request proposals for its next Studio Program Cohort generously supported by a Cutting Edge Grant of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. The program is designed to help local Jewish content creators maximize their brand presence online through subsidized social media training and video production.  

The yearlong program begins in November 2016, and includes consultation, training and creation of short videos for online platforms.

What is a “content creator”? Anyone with a vision for sharing knowledge, skills, entertainment, or thought leadership in short online formats. It can be a food blogger who shares recipes & cooking demos, a DIY pro teaching new craft ideas, an environmentalist with eco-friendly tips, a Jewish educator explaining holidays, a storyteller, a rabbi, an activist, a musician, etc.

Jewish individuals and organizations in Greater Los Angeles are eligible to apply. Applicants will be chosen based on their concept for a 12-part video series, both in its creativity and feasibility.


Applications will be accepted until Monday, October 17, 2016. 

Questions? Email Wendy Jackler, [email protected]

We're Hiring!

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Custom and Craft is seeking a Content Manager to join our Los Angeles Studio. The ideal candidate is a highly creative, organized individual with a record of success in communications strategy and social media.


- Leading our social media presence and e-mail newsletter
- Managing our client media consulting program
- Writing and editing for video production
- Curating new content for our online library on Customandcraft.org and Haggadot.com
- Assisting in partnership development with Jewish content providers

Required skills:

- Ability to conceptualize and execute social media campaigns
- Strong writing and proofreading skills
- Ability to independently manage multiple project timelines
- A team player with a “Yes-And” personality
- 3+ years of professional experience preferred

This is a part-time position for 20 hours per week, starting immediately. The Content Manager will have the opportunity to engage in all facets of our operations, and will work closely with Eileen Levinson, Founder & Executive Creative Director.

Interested applicants should send a short e-mail and resume to – [email protected]

Exciting News for Los Angeles! We're launching a studio!

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Custom & Craft is pleased to announce its new Studio Program generously supported by a Cutting Edge Grant of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. The program is designed to help local Jewish organizations maximize their social media and web presence among millennials and young adults.

The yearlong program, which begins November 2015, will include consultation, training and content-creation for online platforms.  The goal of the program is to give the organizations the knowledge and tools to create a more dynamic and engaging social media presence.

Do you know of an organization that could benefit from our new program? Check out the full program description and application here, 

Applications are due Monday, October 26. 

Read more about our program here: http://www.jewishfoundationla.org/grants/grant/custom-and-craft-2015-cutting-edge

The Apologies Exchange

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Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, many Jews engage in a ceremony called Tashlich, which means “casting off”. Participants gather at a large body of water and throw pieces of bread, each representing sins or regrets from the past year, to be carried away with the current. Since 2012, Custom & Craft Founder, Eileen Levinson has shared her own take on this ritual, with a project called The Apologies Exchange. In the weeks before Yom Kippur, The Apologies Exchange sets up temporary booths at public events, in which participants may post & exchange anonymous notes of apology. Here's how it works: Visitors enters the booth to see twenty anonymously written apologies. They are invited to remove one apology of personal resonance and "exchange" it by posting a personal apology of their own. When they leave the booth, they place the anonymous card in a large glass bowl of water. The apology cards, made from rice paper, will slowly dissolve, causing the works to blend and disappear. The Apologies Exchange is available to bring to your own community. Your may purchase a kit of materials to construct your own booths, or order the cards alone to experience a modified ritual at home. For more information write [email protected]
Exciting News!

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Very exciting news over here at Haggadot.com…for this Passover season, we’ve got a new partnership and new specialty Haggadot.  Here are some highlights – for the full press release, click here.

Our specially created and curated Haggadot include:

  • - “Greatest Hits” Haggadah (curated by Haggadot.com team)
  • - The Jewish Women’s Archive Haggadah (created by Jewish Women’s Archive)
  • - The JQ International GLBTQ Haggadah (created by JQ International)
  • - A Haggadah for Justice (social justice and equality content, curated by Haggadot.com team)
  • - The Anonymous Haggadah (created by Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others).

We are also partnering with Michael Hebb and Seder2015, who have provided two additional featured Haggadot and several other supplements and conversations:

  • - The Human Trafficking Haggadah, with partner Polaris Project
  • - The Interfaith Issues Haggadah, with partner Interfaith Family
  • - A recipe collection, edited by NYC chefs and cookbook authors Eli and Max Sussman in partnership with the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
  • - A compendium of Passover anecdotes, in partnership with Tablet Magazine
  • - A new initiative to expand the conversation about gentrification, in partnership with Repair The World

And did you know… about sixty percent of Haggadot.com’s more than 37,000 registered members are between the ages of 18-34, indicating that millennials – the digital natives who trust peer-to-peer content more than top-down authoritative content – are seeking out Passover content that is accessible and more personally reflects their passions and interests.

As always, we have our three standard templates – traditional, liberal and secular – for you to start building your Haggadah with, and over 2000 pieces of unique content from 600 contributors worldwide on the topics that are meaningful to you, like social justice, feminism, art, interfaith and addiction. And if you’ve got your own Passover content you’d like to share with the world, share it into our Haggadot.com library.

Check out the full press release for more information.


Call for Artists

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From the team behind Haggadot.com comes Custom & Craft, a new site for publishing your own Shabbat services and Jewish celebrations. Soon, you'll be able to mix and match prayers, songs, and artwork for Friday night service, Havdalah, mealtime gatherings, and more. Find out more at http://www.customandcraft.org/.

We are currently accepting submissions for artwork from Jewish artists who wish to engage with ritual and Jewish culture, especially Shabbat. If you have already created such work, we would love to see it and share it with our audience! We can also supply a small fee for artists who create work for us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Community Coordinator Melissa Karlin. We would be happy to speak with you more about our website, services and how your artwork will be shared and used in our initiative.

We strongly encourage visual artists, writers and performers to apply. Please submit by providing a link to your portfolio website or images in file attachment to [email protected]

Another Year in Slingshot!

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We're honored to be part of the Slingshot Class of 2014-2015! Check out the full article in EJewishPhilanthropy.

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Haggadah

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Image from our new video "The Passover Seder - A How-To Guide"

We’re in the home stretch! Passover begins tomorrow night at sunset, so now is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on your Haggadah, and print it out so you have it on hand for your seder.
Can't remember everything you should have in your haggadah? We made this cute little video to remind you. Check it out--we're pretty proud of it. 

And if you think your haggadah could use a little something more, here are some of our favorite clips:

Wishing you a very happy Passover, and excellent seders!

Artwork for your Haggadah

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The Burning Bush

Passover is a few days away, and you’re probably putting the finishing touches on your Haggadot. If you’re looking to add some striking visuals to your Haggadah, we’ve got you covered with over 400 options. Here are some of our favorite pieces of art that you can add to your Haggadah.

Burning Bush

This striking stained glass-like image gives a dreamy feel to the miracle that kicked off the whole story.


Chad Gadya

You can’t have the traditional song about a goat without an adorable picture of a baby goat, can you?

A Seder in Europe in 1943

This picture of a seder held in Europe in 1943 depicts dozens of soldiers taking a break from fighting the Nazis to eat some matzah and have the customary four cups of wine.

Lego Slavery

The Israelites suffered greatly under Pharaoh, and this Lego image is surprisingly evocative. Use it as a challenge to the Lego movie lovers in your midst: who can create the most impressive Lego scene from the Exodus?

This is just a taste of all the art we have at Haggadot.com. Choose your favorites for your own Haggadah here.