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Welcome to our ASL Shabbat Dinner service. We have made this service in order for everyone to feel welcomed and included. We provided a video demonstrating the dinner blessings and included pictures of basic signs you may need to know. If you are invited to a Shabbat dinner in a hard of hearing household, knowing these basic signs will be very useful. We have included the blessing of the challah, wine, lighting of the candles, and washing of the hands. If you want to learn more words and phrases such as please and thank you, we have included these general signs as well. There are simple questions and responses ranging from offering help to asking where the bathroom is. We hope this is helpful and please enjoy.

Candle Lighting
Source : Custom & Craft

This is the blessing for the lighting of the candles translated into sign language. It is the first prayer of Shabbat dinner and is very important. We kindle Shabbat candles to honor and to enjoy Shabbat. Candles are lit to brighten the meal, which cannot be enjoyed in the dark.

Blessing the Wine
Source : Custom & Craft

Here is the blessing over the wine translated into sign language. It represents our joy in the day that this celebration is occurring.

Hand Washing
Source : Custom & Craft

Here is the blessing for the washing of the hands translated into sign language. Since a person's hands are active and might have come in contact with something unclean or impure, one must wash his/her hands before consuming the challah.

Blessing The Challah
Source : Custom & Craft

This is the blessing of the challah translated into sign language. Challah is the special twisted loaf of bread eaten on Shabbat. We sing the  b'rachah ( blessing) expressing thanks to God before eating any food. It represents a recognition that people owe a measure of gratitude to God for providing food for all living things.