How to Bless the New Moon
By Rachel Kann

Back before the journey began,
before traversing 
the massive desert expanse,
before the sea had even split,
way way back in Egypt,
the first collective gift-transmission was given:

With transcendental gentleness, the 
lifted your chin; 
directed your attention 
toward the heavens,

Let the moon’s cyclic and fluid beauty 
hew you to the rhythm 
of time’s unending spiral, 
use this precise present 
as your very beginning.

Sanctify every recursive moment of holiness 
over objects.

Follow the mystery hidden in shadow. 
Seek beneath the surface.

Let others bask in the surety of sunlight.
You were born of the moonlight tribe.

Let others be about answers.
You be about questions.

Live in the liminal.

Listen for the subtle metal-scrape: 
these are keys unlocking each restraint.

Listen for the whisper: 
this is the giving over 
of the calling forth 
of the new moon
to you.

Listen, for
this is your liberation.

Service Section: Rosh Hodesh 
Source: Rachel Kann: