Our final cup of wine is fully red. For the Kabbalists, this cup represents the highest level of creation; the red flame completely overpowers the white light of the beginning. Our tree is in her full autumnal glory. This deep red wine is the citrus whose fruits are now ripe, the etrog whose fragrance we enjoy in the fall, and the melon whose fruit is full of flavor in the summer. The cup of red wine symbolizes the source of our strength, the source of our connection with the earth.

We fill our cups once again with red wine, adding to the small drop at the bottom that still contains some white, say the blessing together, and then drink the entirety of our cups.

In doing so, we can ask: 

What is the symbolic drop of white wine that persists in our core selves, sustaining us and remaining present no matter how much red wine might intercede?

What does it mean to experience completion of our cups?

Baruch ata Adonai, eloheinu melech ha olam, borei p’ri hagafen. 

Blessed are you Adonai, our God, ruler of the universe,  creator of fruit of the vine.

Service Section: Readings & Activities
Source: Hazon 2021 Tu B'Shvat Haggadah