Shabbat. Somehow our ancestors knew, without a scientific study or thousands of retweets, that we humans are hard-wired to need a break.  That’s why the word Shabbat has the same Hebrew root as the word to sit, l’shevet. The ancient rituals of Shabbat gently nudge us to separate from the weekday grind and instead to unplug, notice, reflect and relax. 

There’s a belief that we each get an extra soul on Shabbat. A little more spiritual life and breathing room in our lives as we light the candles, drink the wine and bless our food. We hope you, your extra soul and anyone else you’re spending time with enjoy this Shabbat meal together.

“More than Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews.” 
Ahad Ha’am, founder of Cultural Zionism

Service Section: Shabbat Blessings