No touch football this Thanksgiving? No problem! Here are is a Zoom game that everyone can play! Just like with real-life games, it’s helpful if someone volunteers to be the organizer/leader in advance to help keep things moving!



Below is a list of items you might have in your house. You may be thinking, “Sure I have them, but who the heck knows where they are?” The winner of the scavenger hunt, that’s who!

• If you are the leader, don’t share the list until it’s time to play.
• Tell everyone that they have 11 minutes to run and find the items and bring them back to the screen.
• Every item found means a point for that team. Yes, a team (could exist of one person).
• The winning team is the one with the most points!
• Feel free to make your own or add to the list of items below.

1. A soup ladle
2. A 2007 coin
3. A two-dollar bill or a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar
4. Two different kinds of hand sanitizer
5. “I voted” sticker
6. Shekels (Israeli money)
7. A photo from anyone’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah (if it’s on your phone, that counts)
8. A copy of a physical newspaper
9. A Hanukkah menorah
10. Three shabbat candles
11. Rubber gloves (any kind)


• Each household is a team, or you can have multiple teams in a household. For this one, individuals might want to be their own team.
• Put all the groups on mute otherwise, they are going to tell the other teams the answers.
• If you are the leader, don’t share the list until it’s time to play.
• Tell everyone that they have 11 minutes to find the answers to as many
of the questions as they can. If they know the answer, great, if not, use google!
• The team that has the most right answers at the end of the 11 minutes wins!
• If you want, make up your own questions!

1. Where was Maimonides born?
2. Who has more Instagram followers, Julia Louis Dreyfuss or Adam Sandler?
3. Name three ingredients that are in gefilte fish.
4. Which of these fashion designers is not Jewish? Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Kenneth Cole, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, or Diane von Furstenberg?
5. Name five celebrities that were in JewBelong’s ‘Sins, Stars and Shofars!‘
6. Name three traditional foods you eat during Hanukkah.
7. What is fracking?
8. Which president was famous for not liking broccoli?
9. Name two reality TV stars that were in ‘Sins, Stars and Shofars!’
10. Which team won the 2011 Super Bowl?
11. When did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade start?
12. Which US president did not want to make Thanksgiving a federal holiday?
13. What is a turkey trot?
14. What are the football games usually played on Thanksgiving?
15. What are the three largest full marathons run annually in Israel?
16. Since 1970 on the last Thursday in November, people gather near Plymouth Rock
to commemorate a National Day of Mourning. Why?
17. Why do many people eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
18. Do turkeys (the bird) have anything to do with Turkey (the country)? If so, what?

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