A Priestess’s Prayer under Quarantine
by Rachel Kann

Let me be not deceived, 
let me remember this
moment holds sweetness 
enfolded in its deep grievousness.

Let me be a vessel for 
the healing this planet
so deeply needs.

Use me 
as a source of soothing 
for everyone suffering 
under every destructive 
regime’s undoing.

Use me 
as a sukkat shalom, 
as shelter from 
the tumbling detritus
of crumbling empires,
as comfort
for those terrified
of this 
natural catastrophe.

Let me awaken
the sleepers
and weave lullabies 
for the sleepless.

Let me tend with 
utmost tenderness.

Help me find the calm inside 
so that I may grant it 

From within this cocoon,
use me to reveal 
the mercy of retreat.

Use me as a tool 
to teach 
of Mother Gaia’s 
tremendous gentleness,
of her unfathomably vast patience 
with this human race—

what unimaginable grace 
she shows us.

What merciful tolerance
she bestows upon us:

to serve us 
three-day-pay-or-quit papers,
rather than a
immediate eviction notice.

Remind me that I was born 
for this moment.

Let this be the turning point,
we so desperately need,

let me be 

let me mourn
each soul’s last gasp 
of breath,

let me be compassion,
let me 
radiate graciousness,

hear this simple petition,
use me to priestess 
the emerging world 
Into existence.

Service Section: Psalms, Poetry & Songs 
Source: Rachel Kann: https://realizeparadise.com/