God, there are those among us who struggle with addiction. We offer this special prayer for those in recovery:

  • Mi Sheberach, to the one who blesses: May God bless you with the courage to conquer your cravings, the strength to stay far from temptations and from people who can lead you astray.
  • Mi Sheberach, to the one who blesses: May God hear the cry of your soul and bless you with the knowledge that you have the power to remake your life, to repair what has been destroyed, to recover what has been lost, to receive all the blessings that have been ignored.
  • Mi Sheberach, to the one who blesses: When you fall into despair, may God bless you with hope. If you stray from the path of recovery, may God show you how to begin again. May God renew your faith in yourself. May God open your eyes to all the miracles that surround you.

Bless all those who are living in recovery. God, lead them on the path back to life, back to love, and back to You. Amen.

Service Section: Prayers for Healing & Peace