Shabbat Rituals for Mental Health

1. Light

Officially end the workweek and welcome the weekend with the light of two or more candles.

Use candle lighting to welcome Shabbat into your mind. What do you want to welcome into your life over the week to come? What do you want to work on? Use the light of the candles to illuminate your goals.

2. Sanctify

Wine, grape juice, or another special drink serves as a conduit to sanctify the seventh day of the week, setting apart the time of Shabbat as “other,” different from the daily grind of the other six days.

When thinking about mental health, take time to sanctify Shabbat by leaving behind the past week. As you pick up your glass, imagine what you are putting down in order to welcome the weekend.

3. Cleanse

A formal practice of washing hands recalls an ancient practice during Temple times when Shabbat was accompanied by special offerings.

Take time to cleanse your mind, your spirit, your soul. Friday night is a clean slate.

4. Nourish

Breaking bread makes a meal, and Shabbat is a time to enjoy a special braided bread called challah that just might steal the show.

When thinking about mental health, nourishing your mind, body and soul is key. Take time to nourish you. Without self-care, you won’t be at your best to help others. 

5. Appreciate

Friday night is a time when you can end your meal the same way you started it, with intention.

When thinking about mental health, appreciation and gratitude are incredibly important. Take time to be grateful for who you are, the friends and family in your life, your commitment to helping others and what you bring to the world.

These Shabbat Rituals for Mental Health were created in partnership with OneTable. For more ideas to help navigate Shabbat Ritual, check out the OneTable Shabbat Ritual guide, available at  Additional mental health Shabbat resources available at

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