Mindful Eating

Healthy food is only one component of healthy eating. Shabbat reminds us that it’s essential to set aside time to focus on ourselves. Shabbat creates the foundation for a mindfulness practice— a practice in which we take for rest, gratitude and to focus on being present.

Wholeness and peacefulness, or Shleimut ( שלימוט ), is one of the many Jewish Middot (values). Shleimut is the act of being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in tune with oneself to bring all of these aspects of the self in harmony with the others.

Mindful eating can strengthen our mental wellness and bring us into a healthier relationship with both our bodies and the food we eat. Mindful eating is not a diet, but rather a form of meditation. Mindful eating is about bringing our awareness and attention to our in-the-moment experiences and being present.

In this resource you’ll find:

  • Mental Tenants of Mindful Eating
  • Concrete Ways to Begin Eating Mindfully
  • Questions to ask yourself to create a personalized Mindful Eating practice
  • Mindful Eating Scripted Meditation

Download the full resource at thebluedovefoundation.org/mindfuleating.

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