Blessing for Ending Shabbat

Havdalah means separation. We are marking the transition from the specialness, the holiness of Shabbat and into the ordinariness of the rest of the week. At the end of this blessing, we dip the candle into the cup of wine, extinguishing the flame with a sizzle.
Some people have a custom of dipping their fingertips into the wine and then onto their eyelids and pockets to bring the blessings of Shabbat with them into the rest of the week.


בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ, אֱלֹהֵֽינוּ מֶֽלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, הַמַּבְדִיל בֵּין קֹֽדֶשׁ לְחוֹל, בֵּין אוֹר לְחֹֽשֶׁךְ, בֵּין יִשְׂרָאֵל לָעַמִּים, בֵּין יוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי לְשֵֽׁשֶׁת יְמֵי הַמַּעֲשֶׂה. בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ, הַמַּבְדִיל בֵּין קֹֽדֶשׁ לְחוֹל.

Baruch atah, Adonai, Elohaynu melech ha’olam, hamavdil  bayn kodesh lechol   bayn or lechoshech   bayn Yisrael la’amim   bayn yom hashevi’i leshayshet yemay hama’aseh.  Baruch atah, Adonai, hamavdil bayn kodesh lechol.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the universe, who separates between the holy and the ordinary; between the light and the dark; between Israel and other communities; between the seventh day and the six days of the week. Blessed are You, God, who separates between the holy and the ordinary.

Service Section: Havdalah