The Gift
By Rachel Kann

Don't I know this
Feeling of homelessness.

And don't I know
How real the loneliness
In your bones is.

Slow down and notice 
The gloriousness afforded;
The view through the newly-opened window 
Of your broken heart.

This gift of clear vision.
Think on
The sacred company 
You're in:

Has there been one instance
Of wisdom 
In the history
Of this misbegotten existence
Elicited from anything but heart-brokenness?

It is an act of grace
To shatter the packaging,
To peel the encasement,

To reveal your true soul’s face and,
Say, with outstretched arms,
Here, here is the shape of my heart.

There is nothing left 
but to be swept 
away by love.

Service Section: Psalms, Poetry & Songs 
Source: Rachel Kann: