A Chanukah Writing Meditation

Just as the Maccabees rededicated the Temple (the Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication”), looked through the rubble, and miraculously found the ingredients for light, we can use this holiday to look through our own rubble and find our own sources of light. Use this writing meditation to take time to pause and reflect on light, dedication, and miracles. Consider these eight questions and the time you’re taking to write your answers a gift to yourself. Happy Chanukah!


Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take a full breath. Check in with your body, and ask yourself, “What does it feel like to breathe?,” and return to the physicality of your breath. Become aware of how your breath comes and goes, how your lungs fill and empty, your belly rises and falls.

Use the following questions to guide your writing meditation practice. Take your time and give yourself the gift of presence. This is being present. This is your practice, your exploration of dedication, and your opportunity to find out what lights up your life. Who knows, you could discover some hidden miracles!

When your mind inevitably wanders, because that’s what minds do, gently bring yourself back to this moment on your next inhale. Practice returning to your self, and to this paper in your hands.

The Questions:

What brings light to my life?
How can I kindle that light?
How can I bring more light into the world?
What miracles have I experienced during difficult times?
What miracles am I trying to cultivate in my life?
How can I bring about miracles in the lives of others?
What will I (re)dedicate myself to this year?

May our practice light us from within and allow us to radiate outwards, during the darkest time of the year and always, bringing light and peace to ourselves and the world.

Service Section: Commentary/Meditations 
Source: Alison Laichter