Create a Thanksgiving Keepsake

Make your own Thanksgiving Gratitude Plate. Express the things you are thankful for and create a treasured Thanksgiving keepsake. Display it as part of your table centerpiece, over your fireplace mantle, or in another prominent location. 

Questions to Spark Creativity
1. What special accomplishments or blessings are you and your family celebrating since last Thanksgiving?
2. Are your answers related to being American?
3. Does a particular part of your family’s American story make you grateful?
4. What in your life today makes you grateful?
5. Consider your family, work, community, country, any specific events that may have affected you, your family members, and/or others.
6. Consider these themes: new family members, jobs or challenges; recovery from illness or other setbacks; discovering strengths, talents or qualities in yourself or others; relationships or ideas that are special to you; what America means to you (and your family)

Plate Materials
1. Start with a plate. You can use heavy-duty paper plates, clear glass or plastic plates, or white melamine plates
2. Glue gun or multipurpose craft glue
3. Mod Podge and a brush to apply
4. Assorted colored tissue paper, magazine images, photos, feathers, beads, glitter, pipe cleaners and other interesting objects (such as autumn leaves, pine cones, and nuts)
5. Assorted markers (permanent markers work best on all)

Be creative! Try feathers, beads, glitter, pipe cleaners, and other interesting objects, magazine cutouts, leaves , and nuts for your design. Layer your objects. Have fun expressing your gratitude!

On glass and plastic plates, you can use Mod Podge with a brush to apply tissue paper to back side of plate. Add more decorations to
front to create layered effect. Tissue paper will give a stained glass look. 
On melamine plates, use permanent markers on these plates and seal with Mod Podge. Sketch your plan on paper before drawing with pens. Apply other materials to your plate with a glue gun. 

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