The World of Asiyah - Fruits and nuts with a hard outside and an edible inside

[Pour a glass of white wine, say the blessing, and drink half or more.]

Although seemingly inedible from the outside, each of the foods eaten at the level of Asiyah, when peeled or shelled, hold gifts that transcend their outward appearance. Like winter, where everything lays dormant and hidden, these fruits and nuts contain inside them the potential to reveal what is hidden within. Because of their hard exterior, these goods can represent the human tendency to judge others by their outer appearance. They can also represent the ways we separate ourselves from other people. Eating these fruits reminds us that whoever we are, we all carry a divine spark within. 

Discuss: When have you "judged a book by its cover" only to realize that you were mistaken?

Eat: Walnuts | Almonds | Pomegranates | Coconuts | Pistachios

Service Section: Kiddush, Motzi & Handwashing, Shabbat Blessings, Tu B'Shvat 
Source: PJ Library