The World of Yetzirah (Formation) - Fruits with pits at their center

[Add a few drops of red wine and fill the rest with white. Drink half or more.]

We now drink our second cup of wine. Just as each new stream begins with a trickle, each flower with a single bud, just a few drops of color transform the hue of our wine. Although we discard the pits of these fruits, they are the seeds, the means to rebirth. These fruits can remind us that every flowering tree was once bare and that the means to growth can sometimes come from the innermost overlooked places. They can symbolize the potential within us that we have not tapped.

Discuss: What is something you have done or created that started our very small and become bigger or more important over time?

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Service Section: Shabbat Blessings, Tu B'Shvat 
Source: PJ Library