Praised are you, Source of Life
Who has created the skies and the universe,
The magic of darkness and light

Blessed are the cycles that guide us
Day and night, month and season
Never missing their cue

Blessed are the moon and stars
The crowns of our earth
Moving in splendid constellations

May we accept the planetary wisdom
To welcome time’s rhythm
Of change and return

May we shine with the stars
And spread light to all beings
Born from the mysterious One

May we appreciate our majestic universe
And believe in renewal
Even in the darkest of nights 

Praised are you, Source of Life, who renews new moons. 


Inspired by and adapted from Sanhedrin 42a

Service Section: Prayers for Healing & Peace, Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude, Rosh Hodesh, Prayers for Justice 
Source: Custom & Craft