It is traditional for husbands to bless their wives after candle lighting, but this tradition doesn’t often resonate for queer couples, let alone straight couples who don’t necessarily fit standard gender roles. 

The following blessing can be used by couples of any gender, regardless of their marital status. 

Partner 1:

As day turns to night, 

And afternoon light fades into inky black, 

May we recognize the love bringing us together

Like the twin flames of the Shabbat candles,

Soft and luminous 

Partner 2:

May we appreciate and give thanks for this love, 

And for the blessings that accompany it, 

Just as fruit ripens on the vine 


May we remember, always, to listen 

To the music in ourselves and each other

That which points us towards harmony 

And may we continue forward on the path 

Of a beautiful and just future

For ourselves, for each other, and for the world.

Service Section: Prayers for Forgiveness, Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude, Shabbat Blessings, Candlelighting
Source: Blessing by Ryn Silverstein