These Shabbat dinner rituals, cultivated by our ancestors, invite you to go deeper and connect with Divinity, queer community, and your highest Shabbat intentions. Just as the Shabbat evening service brings together multiple aspects of Divinity, you are here invited to gather in community, with chosen family, beloveds, or even with different aspects of your own self. 

On Shabbat, we let go of whatever has occurred in the past week, and open to all the possibilities of rest. It is said that Shabbat is a taste of Olam haBa, the world to come. May our rest revitalize us for queer resistance in the week to come, and may we also sample the queer joy of Olam haBa through these rituals. 

This booklet uses a gender-expansive Hebrew grammatical system developed by the Nonbinary Hebrew Project. For more information, please visit

Service Section: Prayers for Forgiveness, Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude, Shabbat Blessings