One of the best things about Chanukah is how easy it is to customize for your family or friends. Say some blessings, light some candles, eat some latkes or donuts if you’re into that. Add presents if needed. Repeat x7. This leaves lots of room for you to make the holiday your own. You can write your own blessings, or make your own menorah. 

Chanukah can be as low key or as high impact as you like. We’re getting you started with this booklet of information and resources, and we hope you will come up with your own traditions and rituals to make the holiday special.

But here’s one thing to remember: Jewish tradition stipulates that you should not use the light from your Chanukah candles to do other things (like working). Instead, the Chanukah light should be used to appreciate the holiday, and the beauty around you. This year we hope the light of your Chanukah candles will bring you joy, and help you to reflect and appreciate what’s most valuable to you. 


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