The Festival of Lights is an annual opportunity to celebrate the light within ourselves. Get into the holiday spirit by immersing yourself in our 8-day guided meditation, Nuestra Luz (our light).

Nuestra Luz: An Eight-Day Meditation Experience

Use this 8-day meditation experience to illuminate your mind, body, and soul this Hanukkah season. Each day, this meditation series guides you through a unique Jewish value that offers ancient wisdom, food for thought, and inspiration to act and illuminate. 

To access the meditation series and explore Latin-Jewish Hanukkah recipes, go to www.jewtina.org/hanukkah-resources

Chag Sameach!

Type of Custom: Chanukah, Prayers for Justice

Holiday/Event: Chanukah

Source: Jewtina Y Co: https://jewtina.org/hanukkah-resources