by Rabbi Shoshana Friedman, Temple Sinai, Brookline, MA

Holy One of Blessing! Grant us strength to be part of a holy uprising A resistance against the forces of destruction For we stand in witness of the unity of Creation. Grant us patience to work well with others In groups of fellow uprisers To honor and uplift Your sacred name. Grant us wisdom to practice self-care So we may travel through this wilderness as long as we must - please God! Grant us understanding of nuance and perspective But also clarity between right and wrong. Grant us courage from our ancestors who walked with You and inspiration from our children who reach toward Your love. May Your Torah open our hearts And the words of Your prophets move our feet. Help us pour out our fear and anger to You But also our gratitude and awe. You are the One we serve, the Source of Life Who loves songs of praise and righteous action. Baruch Atah Adonai, Shomeah Tefilla. Blessed are You Holy One, who hears prayer.

Service Section: Prayers for Healing & Peace