The Sabbath is an every week holiday from work. This was a revolutionary concept in the ancient world where only the rich and powerful had any leisure time. Today in the frantic pace of the modern world it takes determination and discipline to accept this gift of leisure. Joining with a community will make the addition of this new habit easier.

But trying new things can be intimidating, especially when they are novel or foreign. What if the language is strange? What if there are different garb, rituals and customs?

Recognizing that going to synagogue for the first time can be a challenge, we offer you our booklet, What To Expect At A Synagogue.

In it, you will find an overview of what Shabbat is, and how it is celebrated in synagogues. Language is explained, the prayer services are broken down, and many common questions are answered.

This is the perfect place to start for those who have questions or trepidation about going to synagogue for the first time.

Check out our booklet What to Shabbat: What to Expect at a Synagogue.

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Type of Custom: Psalms, Poetry & Songs, Candlelighting, Barchu & Shema, Amidah, Commentary/Meditations, Prayers for Healing & Peace, Prayers of Remembrance, Lifecycle & Milestones, Aleinu, Kiddush, Motzi & Handwashing

Holiday/Event: Shabbat