One way to practice release during the Shmita year is to explore where we hold tension in our bodies. This calming embodied meditation can be done nearly anywhere and anytime you need to rest. 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
As you inhale, make a tight fist in your right hand and flex all the muscles in your right arm. As you exhale, release your fist and let all those muscles relax. 
On your next inhale, make a fist with your left hand and flex the muscles in your left arm. Release as you exhale.

Next, inhale and tighten all the muscles in your right leg, from the foot all the way up to your hip. Exhale and release.
Repeat with your left leg as you inhale and exhale deeply to release. 
Take a deep breath as you tighten your belly and your chest, bringing all your energy into the center of your body. Exhale to release. 

Take one more big inhale to fill yourself with a cleansing breath. Exhale through your mouth and feel yourself letting go of tension from your entire body.

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