The Shmita year is a powerful time for reflection on the past seven years, to consider how we can embrace rest and explore what we want to release. Use the following questions to guide you through a writing exercise. Take your time and dim distractions so that you can be fully present. 

When your mind wanders, kindly bring yourself back to this physical practice of writing. Return to this exercise throughout the Shmita year to see if your thoughts shift. 

The Questions

  • Thinking about the past seven years, what have you cared for, nurtured or grown? 

  • What have you harvested that you want to let remain fallow?

  • What is a project that can you take a step back from or release? 

  • Is there something you feel you have owned that you now want to give to everyone?

  • What is a habit, practice, routine or belief that you have let go of in the past seven years?

  • How might resting enable your ideas to bloom and flourish in the future? 

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