The seven-year cycle of Shmita is a family-friendly opportunity to create a physical or virtual time capsule. There are lots of ways to create a time capsule, here are some ideas. 

Find an object that represents something important to you from the past year. Or something you wish to release. Add in photos of your family or create a dedicated folder on your computer for a few images that capture this moment in time. 

Have each family member write a letter to themselves  or digitally record a message to revisit in seven years from now. What advice do you have for your future self? What are your intentions and goals between now and the next Shmita?  Write a note of gratitude to a loved one that you will read with them in seven years. 

Finally, add in a beloved object, heirloom or family recipe. You can also use a picture of the heirloom instead. When you open the time capsule in seven years, cook the recipe or use the object again. 

Adapted from the Mindful Shmita Workbook by the Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity

Service Section: Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude 
Source: Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity: