Shmita (Sabbatical) is a sacred practice of rest and release that goes back to Biblical times. Just as we pause for Shabbat every seven days, Shmita takes place every seven years. Think of it as a Shabbat for the land. When many of us lived agrarian lives, Shmita was a year to let our lands lie fallow, and no new crops were planted. All lands are considered shared commons without ownership. By allowing not just the soil to rest, but also the workers and the animals who tend to it, we create the conditions for a more fruitful harvest in the year to come. 

Just recently, the idea of taking an entire year off from producing might have seemed totally foreign. Yet as with so many areas of our lives, the pandemic has reoriented our sense of time and the need to mindfully pause. 

This booklet offers seven rituals to help you meaningfully and intentionally connect with the themes of Shmita and engage in sacred rest. Download this booklet so you can revisit it and take moments to pause throughout the Shmita year.

Service Section: Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude