Giving Thanks After The Second Dose of Vaccine by Trisha Arlin

What is this feeling?
We who have received the vaccine.
We all experience this feeling,
what is it?

We who have privileges are mindful
Of our skin, class, nationality, neighborhood
And the ease with which we may access and accept the vaccine.
And for those of us who don’t have easy access to medical help
Or who are afraid for whatever reason of allowing a stranger to give you a shot,
We pray for your health.

We are so mindful
Of the inspiration and efficiency,
The hard work and creativity
And the accumulation of knowledge
That brought us to this moment. 
No miracles were wanted or needed,
For this vaccine
Only science and money,
But still,
Isn’t it amazing?

So what is this feeling?
Is this elation?
Is this relief?
Is this safety?
Some of the fear
Is over
For us.

May everyone everywhere receive their vaccines
And may the side effects be mild and effective
And may we all feel safe
From Covid 19, at least, at last.

Blessed HaShleimut, the Holy Wholeness,
Sometimes there is Sanctuary
And often there is goodness
And we give thanks

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