Have you ever wondered how bakeries make jelly donuts? Well, we went over to Frena Bakery, one of the few kosher bakeries in the San Francisco Bay Area, to see how its made.

The Hebrew word for jelly donut is sufganiyah (sufganiyot is the plural form). Sufganiyot are originally from Israel. Sufaniyot roughly translates to "sponge." Like most other donuts they are deep-fried but these sweet sponges are often filled with jelly or custard. They are also typically eaten during the Jewish holiday, Chanukah.

Learn more about Chanukah here: http://bit.ly/2j3YaP9

And don't forget to check out Frena Bakery in San Francisco if you're in the area.

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Source: BimBam https://youtu.be/ciyzXq1z1Wo