Each year, the story of Chanukah reminds us that it’s in our power to overcome insurmountable odds. When the
Maccabees, surrounded and outnumbered, faced the ancient Syrian-Greeks, they did not despair—they fought fiercely
against the forces that wanted to oppress them. And when they reclaimed the temple and realized they had only enough
oil to kindle the menorah for one night, they lit their flame—trusting that a miracle would extend this light.

Our tradition beckons us to choose to act in the face of the challenges before us: We can choose courage in the face
of fear, and choose hope in the face of anguish. Our world has faced innumerable obstacles this year—but just as our
ancestors did, together we can choose light.

As you light each candle this Chanukah, we invite you to reflect on how you are choosing light and justice this year…
I choose LIGHT by illuminating the path to a better, brighter, more equitable world for all.
I choose JOY by savoring each opportunity to celebrate, no matter how small.
I choose DIGNITY by working to uphold the inherent worth of every human being.
I choose GENEROSITY by gifting my time, talents and resources to help others.
I choose CONNECTION by deepening my relationships with friends and loved ones—and expanding my circles to
build kinship with people whose lives are different from my own.
I choose COMMUNITY by joining together to realize our shared vision of tikkun olam—working to repair our world.
I choose ACTION by raising my voice to fight the injustices all around us.
I choose JUSTICE by living my values and rededicating myself toward building a world where all people can realize
their full human rights. 

Service Section: Chanukah