On Shavuot, traditional Jews rise in synagogue as the Torah reader chants the most famed of all ancient laws, the “Ten Commandments.” Tonight, let us in our own way recall that tradition with ten ideas to improve the world.

You shall open your heart to all the possibilities of life. 

You shall value people over possessions and meaning over materialism. 

You shall speak the truth with honesty and respect. 

You shall take time for joy and wonder. 

You shall forgive yourself and others.

You shall protect and nurture life. 

You shall be faithful to those you love.

You shall be generous of spirit. 

You shall walk in your neighbors’ shoes. 

You shall cultivate gratitude.

Contributed by Westchester (NY) Community for Humanistic Judaism
From The Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism Shavuot Guide

Service Section: Shavuot 
Source: The Birmingham Temple