Humanistic Kaddish

Nitgadal v’nitkadash b’ruach ha’adam 
Let us enhance and exalt ourselves in the spirit of humanity.
Let us acclaim the preciousness of life.
Let us show gratitude for life by approaching it with reverence.
Let us embrace the whole world, even as we wrestle with its parts.
Let us fulfill, each of us in our own way, our share in serving the world and seeking truth.
May our commitment to life help us strengthen healing of spirit and peace of mind.
May healing and peace permeate and comfort all of Israel and all those who dwell on earth.
And let us say, may it be so - ken y’hi.  

Contributed by Jon Dickman and Congregation Kol Shalom inspired by Rabbi Rami Shapiro,
From The Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism Shavuot Guide

Service Section: Prayers of Remembrance 
Source: The Birmingham Temple