Sh’ma - by Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick  

שמע ישראל ניטול את חלקינו בתיקון עולם
Sh’ma Yisra’el nitol et helkeinu b’tikkun olam. 
Hear O Israel: Let us take up our portion in the repair of the world. 

ברוך כבוד האדם לעולם ועד
Baruch k’vod ha’adam l’olam va’ed. 
Blessed is the dignity of each person, forever and ever.

V’ahavta, adapted by Jon Dickman 

Therefore, we strive to lead loving, compassionate lives With our heart, with our wisdom, and with our actions. These words we inscribe in our innermost heart. We aspire to practice them day and night, Teaching them diligently to our children Through our words and especially through our deeds So that the next generations learn to revere and celebrate life.

Service Section: Barchu & Shema 
Source: Here is Our Light: Society for Humanistic Judaism