Hear, O Israel---The divine abounds everywhere
And dwells in everything: the many are One.

Sh’ma, yisrael—
La’elohut alfey panim,
M’lo olam sh’khinatah,
Ribuy paneha ekhad.  

Loving life and its mysterious source with all our heart and all our spirit,
All our senses and strength, we take upon ourselves and into ourselves these promises:

To care for the earth and those who live upon it,
To pursue justice and peace,
To love kindness and compassion.

We will teach this to our children throughout the passage of the day---
As we dwell in our homes and as we go on our journeys,
From the time we rise until we fall asleep
And may our actions be faithful to our words
That our children’s children may live to know:

Truth and kindness have embraced,
Peace and justice have kissed and are one.

Service Section: Barchu & Shema 
Source: Marcia Falk, The Book of Blessings