Welcoming Shabbat by Rabbi Miriam Jerris 

B’rukhim habaim. Welcome. Shabbat Shalom.

We gather on this Shabbat as a community of believers. We believe that Judaism is the entire experience of the Jewish people. We believe in the value of celebrating Jewish culture and identity. We believe that all those who choose to celebrate with us are part of our community. We believe that being together strengthens and enhances our Humanistic Jewish experience. May this Sabbath be a time of peace and rejuvenation. 

This is a time of transition. We move from our everyday week to the experience of Shabbat. We turn from the concerns of the outside world and become quiet and peaceful. We, at this moment, in this time, create a community of Humanistic Jewish believers. Let us pause and take note as we begin the journey of this Shabbat.

Service Section: Prayers of Celebration & Gratitude, Barchu & Shema 
Source: Here is Our Light: Society for Humanistic Judaism