Shabbat - Symbol of Peace by Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick 

Shabbat Shalom

When we meet each other on Shabbat, we think of shalom, peace. It’s right there in the greeting. 
Shabbat has always been a symbol of peace. Our ancestors called it a “taste of the world to come.” The peace that they sought to create on Shabbat teased them with hopes that such calm might one day prevail throughout the world. 

Perhaps it was just a fantasy. But it gave them comfort, nonetheless. We now understand that a better and more peaceful future must not be deferred to a “world to come.” If we desire it, we must bring it ourselves. In our homes, our communities, our nation and the world, we possess the power to make it real. 

Perhaps Shabbat can remind us of that. 

Shabbat Shalom, may we all enjoy a Sabbath of Peace.

Service Section: Prayers for Healing & Peace 
Source: Here is Our Light: Society for Humanistic Judaism